1. View of the Lodge from the drive. The Terrace Room and Veranda are located on the lowest level. The Lodge Lobby is located on the second level.

  2. The beautiful staircases are popular for ceremonies

  3. Here, the Veranda and Terrace room are set for a private event.

  4. View from the stairs to the Lobby level of the Veranda and towards Glacier National Park.

  5. A full bar set up on the Veranda, just outside the entrance to the Terrace Room.

  6. Bar set up is custom for each event.

  7. Wine Bar on the Veranda.

  8. View down the Veranda. There are six tables with benches facing West into Glacier National Park.

  9. The Chalet is located down the hill from the Lodge. This view is from the Veranda.

  10. View on the Veranda towards the staircases and entrance to the Terrace Room.

  11. View of Apgar Mountain in Glacier National Park from the Veranda.

  12. A lovely guest table set up on the Veranda.

  13. View from the entrance to the Terrace Room. This is the interior staircase to the Lodge Lobby.

  14. View of the Terrace Room from just inside the entrance.

  15. There are two tables with bench seating, located along the walls that flank the entrance to the Terrace Room.

  16. View from the middle of the Terrace Room of the entrance.

  17. This event set up includes our banquet tables and chairs. This view is from the rear of the room, facing the South Wall.

  18. The Northeast corner of the room. Note the stained glass window to the right.

  19. Entertainment set up in the Southeast corner of the Terrace Room. Note the fireplace to the left.

  20. The Fireplace typically has a grate with no decor. Tables and chairs shown are the regular furniture of the Terrace Room.

  21. The Fireplace is decorated with fall plumage here.

  22. Another view of the regular Terrace Room tables and chairs. Note the stained glass windows and unique refinished concrete floor.

  23. A "Sweetheart" table for two in front of the fireplace.

  24. The buffet table is located on the North end of the Terrace Room. Restrooms are around the corner. This buffet is decorated in a simple white.

  25. Typical buffet set up with Chafing dishes

  26. Buffet table decorated with fall decor.

  27. The Server Entrance is at the far North end of the Terrace Room.

  28. Coffee Station set up near the Buffet Table.

  29. A dessert table set up near the entrance to the Terrace Room.

  30. The following food pictures are examples of our chef's creations. Shown here, Brie en Croute.

  31. Cheese and Fruit tray

  32. Fruit, cheese, and cracker display

  33. Proscuitto and vegetable crudites on the Veranda, overlooking the drive

  34. Vegetable crudites with dip

  35. Shrimp cocktail display

  36. This guest printed menus for the place settings.

  37. Ornate formal place settings

  38. Red roses and log candles. Staircase to second floor in background

  39. Red satin linens for cocktail party

  40. Decor: Pink roses and napkin fans. Service entrance in rear

  41. The following Wedding Cake photos are examples of some cakes our guests have had.

  42. Wedding Cake Chocolate with berries

  43. Wedding Cake: Table with Taffeta

  44. Wedding Cake: White with red roses

  45. Here, the Lodge Lobby set up for a small ceremony. There is limited space in the Lobby.

  46. Bear Grass centerpieces are beautiful, local Montana elements in this event theme.